XENOMANIA artists:
Alexis Strum

Origin: England
Birth: 1977
Years active: 2002-present
With Xenomania:
Addicted (Xenomania remix)
Nothing Good About This Goodbye
State Of Mind

Alexis Strum in a singer/songwriter born in Essex. She's released two singles and co-wrote songs for Kylie Minogue and Rachel Stevens.

In 2002, Alexis Strum landed a record deal with WEA records, distributed by the Warner Music Group. There she co-wrote and recorded her first album, working with producers such as Xenomania. An album sampler was issued and the song "Addicted" was scheduled to be released as a single. However, both the single and the album were cancelled, and Alexis was released from her contract soon after.

Two of the album sampler tracks were later recorded by other artists. In 2003, "Still Standing" was given to Kylie Minogue for her album Body Language. The Xenomania-produced "Nothing Good About This Goodbye" was re-recorded by Rachel Stevens and released on her 2005 album Come And Get It.

By early 2005, Alexis Strum had recorded her second album Cocoon. Two singles were released ("Bad Haircut" and "It Could Be You"), but the album has yet to receive a commercial release.

Alexis Strum is currently the lead singer in the band Bo Pepper, appearing under the alias of "Dolly".


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