XENOMANIA artists:
Lene Nystrom

Origin: Norway
Birth: 1973
Years active: 1994-present
With Xenomania:
Here We Go
We Wanna Party
Girls Aloud - No Good Advice
Girls Aloud - You Freak Me Out

Lene Nystrom is a pop singer, best known as the lead singer from Aqua.

She remained in Aqua until 2001, when they split up.

In 2003 Lene released her first and only album, Play With Me. She worked with Xenomania for the songs "Here We Go" and "We Wanna Party". "Here We Go" was originally recorded by Moonbaby. The song would be recorded again in 2005 by Girls Aloud.

Lene also co-wrote two songs for Girls Aloud: "No Good Advice" and "You Freak Me Out".

In 2008 Girls Aloud recorded a version of "We Wanna Party" for the album Out Of Control. Lene's name wasn't on the credits. The two versions are virtually identical. Girls Aloud's version is however slightly "rockier".

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