XENOMANIA artists:
Melanie Blatt

Origin: England
Birth: 1975
Years active: 1993-present
With Xenomania:
Do Me Wrong

Melanie Blatt is an English singer. She's a member of girl group All Saints.

All Saints formed in 1996. With the release of two studio albums (All Saints and Saints & Sinners), the group split up in early 2001.

Melanie Blatt was the first member from the band to go solo, starting with a few collaborations. For her third single "Do Me Wrong" she worked with Xenomania. It was released on August 25, 2003 through London Records. But due to poor results in the charts Melanie was dropped by the label and the album she was working on at the time never came to life.

In 2005 she released the single "See Me", but her solo record was shelved when All Saints reunited in early 2006.


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