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Origin: England
Years active: 2000
Members: Miranda Cooper
With Xenomania:
Deadlines & Diets
Here We Go
I'm Thru With Love
Kitsch Bitch Kool

Moonbaby was the stage name of Miranda Cooper, one of the main songwriters in Xenomania.

Miranda was introduced to Xenomania's Brian Higgins by Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs (from Saint Etienne) in the late 1990s. In 1999, as part of a deal that emerged between Xenomania and London Records, Miranda was signed as a solo artist in 2000, under the alias of Moonbaby.

A four-track album sampler was issued, the single "Here We Go" was pressed up and a the video was shot, but the song was ultimately never released. The deal between Xenomania and London Records fell through and she was dropped. Since then, Miranda joined the Xenomania team, working as their main lyricist.

In November 2001, "Here We Go" was used as a basis for the theme song to the cartoon show Totally Spies. It was a re-worked version and featured new lyrics.

Moonbaby songs have appeared on releases by other artists. "Here We Go" was later recycled for Lene Nystrom's (from Aqua) solo album Play With Me in 2003. In 2004, Girls Aloud re-recorded "Here We Go" and "Deadlines & Diets" and released them on their second album What Will The Neighbours Say?. Later, in 2008, Alesha Dixon would record "I'm Thru With Love".

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