XENOMANIA artists:
Sean Sennett

Origin: Australia
Years active: 1998-present
With Xenomania:
On A Bus Or A Car Or A Train
Sister Bright Light

Sean Sennett is a singer/songwriter born in Brisbane, Australia. He is also a music journalist.

He's the publisher/owner/managing editor of Time Off. Time Off is a free weekly music magazine released in Brisbane. It was first established in 1976 and was bought in 1990 by Sean Sennett. He has now launched a new company titled Time Off Media, which will see him establish an online magazine called The Lowdown.

Sean Sennett has written for music magazines and newspapers such as Rolling Stone, The Word, the Australian and the Age.

Sennett and his band Crush 76 debuted in 1998 with the single "She Said Pop". He has collaborated with Ross Wilson, Rob Hirst and Mark Seymour and has released two albums: (this boy's life) (1999) and Lost and Found (2003).

On Lost & Found he worked with Xenomania's Nick Coler on two songs: "On A Bus Or A Car Or A Train" and "Sister Bright Light"

Sean Sennett is also a member of The Incredbile Strand.

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