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Origin: Scotland
Years active: 1986-present
Members: Sharleen Spiteri, Tony McGovern, Ally McErlaine, Johnny McElhone, Eddie Campbell, Michael Bannister, Neil Payne
With Xenomania:
Bad Weather
Can't Resist
Get Down Tonight

Texas are a Scottish band fronted by Sharleen Spiteri and best known for the single "Say What You Want".

They have released nine albums. On their 2005 album Red Book, Texas worked with Xenomania for four songs: "Bad Weather", "Cry", "Get Down Tonight" and the single "Can't Resist".

Sharleen Spiteri said the following about working with them: "Johnny and I have been writing songs for years and working with Brian and Xenomania put the fear of God into us. We worked with other people to stop us becoming safe and arrogant".

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