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Origin: United Kingdom
Years active: 2004-2005
Members: Antony Thomas Brant, Aaron Buckingham, Mark Harle, Kevin McDaid, Leon Pisani
With Xenomania: Angel
Hip To Hip

V were a British boy band.

Their debut single "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" charted at #6, and the double A-side followup featuring the Xenomania track "Hip To Hip" and Jackson 5 cover "Can You Feel It" reached the #5 spot. However, the following single, "You Stood Up", missed the top 10. Their debut album You Stood Up was released on November 2004 but it failed to reach the Top 75 album charts.

Besides "Hip To Hip", You Stood Up also featured the Xenomania-produced songs "Angel" and "Fools".

In February 2005, V announced their decision to split on their official website.

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