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Late at night I dream of falling
Into love again
Twenty five electric angels
Are dancing in the rain

Paradise with ice cream skies
Shine lasers in the night
When I wake the colour's faded
Back to black and white

When I lost you in Japan
For a moment I was holding your hand
But you turned and ran away
Just in time to catch the last late night train

And I wonder, do you ever wonder too?
'Cause I hunger for the memory of you
And I wonder, do you ever wonder too?
'Cause I hunger for the memory of you

I lie awake as day is dawning
Burning pink and white
Wondering if sheep count us
When they can't sleep at night

Second hangover today
Surfing channels 'til I bleach out the pain
Static on the radio
Burn the toast and leave the tea to turn cold

And I wonder, do you ever wonder too?
'Cause I hunger for the memory of you
And I wonder, do you ever wonder too?
'Cause I hunger for the memory of you

And I wonder, do you ever wonder too?
'Cause I hunger for the memory of you
And I wonder, do you ever wonder too?
'Cause I hunger for the memory of you

x appears on:
The Loving Kind (2009) 7'' vinyl

x Written by Brian Higgins, Girls Aloud , Giselle Somerville, Miranda Cooper, Tim Powell
Produced by Brian Higgins & Xenomania
Keyboards: Brian Higgins, Sacha Collisson, Tim Powell
Mixed By: Sacha Collisson, Tim Powell
Mastering engineer: Dick Beetham at 360 Mastering.
Published by Warner Chappell/Xenomania/EMI Music Publishing Ltd.

x "Memory Of You" is the b-side of the single "The Loving Kind". It was released only on a limited edition 7'' vinyl picture disc, sold exclusively through Girls Aloud's online store. The fans were disappointed that the song was only available on vinyl format, which led to the creation of campaigns for the release in CD or digital form. On January 15th, The Sun ran a story about Girls Aloud's fans having "gone mad" for the b-side.

x "Memory Of You" was originally titled "Japan".

x 'Memory Of You' (...) is a total corker. We don't know why this didn't end up on 'Out Of Control' - a 13-track album would hardly have raised too many eyebrows - because the track's chorus is better than a lot of the choruses that did make it onto the album.
Perversely, the glossy euro rave-up (already described by BBC Sound Of 2009 winner Little Boots as "very quite good") is only available as the b-side of the 7" picture disc format of new single 'The Loving Kind', which you can't buy in the shops and have to buy online via Girls Aloud's website.
We understand that they want to drive sales of the 7" picture disc but this is a format most buyers simply cannot play, and 95% have been purchased to hang on bedroom walls. Unless Girls Aloud are playing a ridiculously long game with this - surely it's another 21 months until the band's next greatest hits and rarities CD is due - it makes no sense that 'Memory Of You' is not available in a 'clean' format like CD or download. Popjustice

x ["Memory Of You"] is like an insane remix of Out Of Control beauty Untouchable: it's epic, angelic (read; godly), uplifting, inspiring, quite attention diverting (I swear on my deceased guinea pig I'm not able to concentrate on anything with this song blasting through my rusty speakerphone) and, not to mention (and probably the most important one of them all, too:), unbelievably good. (...)
Because, quite frankly, most B-sides are shitty remixes or boring instrumentals nowadays (or, simply put: shitty in general; because who cares about a stripped down version of Rihanna's annoying and surprisingly successful Disturbia?) which will be forgotten about in approxemately three seconds.
3, 2, 1. There you go: you've forgotten all about Rihanna's B-sides now.
But then there's this one: simply astonishing, rather confusing (because what are those lyrics about, really? A holiday in Japan? The wonders of the universe?) and sounding like a massive hit record from the twenty-second century.
It's absolutely fantastic and it just gets better every time I listen to it. (...)
Memory Of You (originally called Japan) is, without a doubt, one of the best songs Girls Aloud have ever released and bloody deserves to be a single. Astroma

x ...How does one define the concept of a "B-side" again? Because I thought the B-side was a passively listenable extra from an album session, often times not developed much further past its demo format and usually better off left slapped onto a bonus CD on a greatest hits compilation.
Well, I'd like someone to explain to me how the b-side to Girls Aloud's "The Loving Kind" fits that definition, because judging from what I'm hearing, "Memory of You" damn near eclipses its host single.
Far more dance oriented than pop (think early'90's club!), the song finds Kimberley and Nicola taking the lead in an edgy, frostbitten, electro-tinged haunter. With the aid of super serious, super slick vocal performances, the ladies delve into a territory far from the camp quality that has become the signature Aloud sound.
It's a damn shame that a track like "Live In The Country" made the final cut when you've got a song like "Memory Of You" lurking in the shadows. Go darker, Aloud...This works brilliantly for you.
Best Aloud B-side, ever. MuuMuse

x fan-made video
x Facebook group: Release Girls Aloud's "Memory Of You" in HQ
x The Sun article: "Give B-side its own release"

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