Last night I lost my head
And fell right back into your love
I lay intoxicated
While angels circled high above
Deep in a perfect moment
All at once it feels so right
But when I wake
I see reality turn back and bite

Your heartbeat's ticking
And your cool starts dripping
And your tongue tied up on the phone
Your backbone's breaking
And your smooth starts shaking
Like you can't stand being alone
Your cot starts rocking
Little doubts start knocking
Like the whole world's slipping away
The tension's killing
But the ride is thrilling
But you can't help going again

What you want is what you don't know
Turn me on and watch your ego
What you want is what you don't need
Stand up when your talking to me

I can't start giving you up
I'm lost without you
Can't stop ticking the tock
I can't start giving you up
I'm mad about you
Can't stop slipping it off

A girl's got to suffer for fashion
She knows what her body can do-ooh
She finds a man and she makes it her passion
I'm happy trying all the time
With a boy like you

I can't start giving you up
I'm lost without you
I can't start giving you up
I'm mad about you

I can't start giving you up
I'm lost without you
Can't stop ticking the tock
I can't start giving you up
I'm mad about you
Can't stop slipping it off

x appears on:
Kylie Minogue - Ultimate Kylie (2004) CD
Kylie Minogue - Giving You Up (2005) CD-s, 12'', digital download

x Written by Kylie Minogue, Miranda Cooper, Brian Higgins, Tim Powell, Lisa Cowling, Paul Woods, Nick Coler.
Produced by Brian Higgins and Xenomania.
Mixed by Tim Powell and Jeremy Wheatley.
Keyboards, programming by Tim Powell, Brian Higgins and Paul Woods.
Published by Warner Mushroom Music Publishing, Xenomania Music and Warner Chappell Ltd.

x "Giving You Up" was written and recorded during the summer of 2004 in London by Minogue and Xenomania for the greatest hits compilation Ultimate Kylie.

x The single peaked at #6 in the UK singles chart.

x So she finally worked with Xenomania, then. It's an interesting prospect, because Kylie's personality is pretty much static enough for it to be consistent even when she diverges wildly from expectation (not that she does it that often), whereas the Xenomania template is so forceful that it tends to bring out different parts of lesser personalities; witness the way that Girls Aloud's trademark is equal parts retro and future, or the way Sugababes' insouciance was basically swept aside by the sheer force of a song like Round Round.
The difference, then, between this and a Girls Aloud single is that this lacks the futuristic sparkle, but it has the same impeccable 80s crunch and in fact, the closest comparison would be Saint Etienne's recent forays into retro-electro - especially New Thing. (...) Edward Oculicz

x The song's a return to big sound Fever electro, but with subtler production: all the hacksaw synth is pushed back and sanded off, so Kylie's head voice doesn't have to go through eight additional filters to compete with the bristle. Straight fours and minimal syncopation make "Giving You Up" way simpler dancefloor fodder than any of Body Language's offerings, but that's probably better for most of us. Nick Sylvester

x (...) [Xenomania] bring a distinctly British sound to this song. Never has Kylie sounded more flirty than on this song as dreamy synths pulsate over a great beat. An utterly infectious song (...) L. Green "Feltano"

x (...) a sultry little throbber (that for some reason echoes USURA’s “Open Your Mind” (which, truthfully, is Simple Minds’ “New Gold Dream”)) that again gives us Minogue at her best. Jason Shawahn

x (...) Giving You Up is not one of Kylie's most inspired singles.
The dance-floor tread is pleasant enough, but fails to linger in the mind once the gyrating's over (despite the fact it took eight people to write it). The sound of Kylie treading water until her next incarnation. Chris Taylor

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