SEAN SENNETT | Sister Bright Light


Sister Bright Light
You've done me over
Caught in your headlights
All good things must come to an end
And in the white night
Your shining harbour
You drag me under
And all the time refuse to let me go
Who could resist her?
Such cruel resistance
I'd run to meet her
And all of this without my common sense

Sister Bright Light
You've done me over
A moving target
Guess you and I were never meant to be
You are the distance
And now we're weightless
Above the sky now
All good things must fall back to earth
Why did I leave her?
She left me breathless
Now I see you floating
Oh so high...
High above the world
And in the cold night of my black heart
She whispers softly
All good things must come to and end

Sister Bright Light
You are a fast car
Our best intentions
Things like this are never meant to be
You caught me falling
You watched me falling
And in the end
There was time barely left to breathe

x appears on:
Lost & Found (2003)

x Written by Sean Sennett, Nick Coler, Xenomania.
Published by Control/Xenomania/Warner Chappell.
Produced by Nick Coler and Sean Sennett at Xenomania Studios (London) and Psi-Fi Studios (Brisbane).
Vocals, acoustic guitar: Sean Sennett.
Backing vocals: Rebecca Kneen.
Programming and acoustic guitar: Nick Coler.

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