You've forgotten we were strange
Guess somewhere we got cold
Now every little bird is tamed
Their wings are clipped in gold
Fear put your heart on ice
For some other rainy day
You'll only know that you're alive
When I melt the ice away

My life my dreams my everything
Is all yours babe
I'm willing to complete this act of faith
'Cos living only happens when you wake

If you go, if you stay
Sometimes better breaking baby in the sun
Before it's gone
If you love, if you feel
If you wonder how this heaven could be real
Let it run

Some might say
Ain't no sun without the rain
Like I knew, I knew, yeah
Some might say
Nothing given' nothing gained
I guess that's true
How 'bout you babe?

'Cos I'd like-like to be somebody
You-you take a chance on
I would take a chance on you

Got my summer sun
I'll take my love and run
I got you, babe
Oh yeah
'Cos I need somebody's love
And half is not enough
To make me stay
I got you babe

x appears on:
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Trip The Light Fantastic (2007) CD

x Written by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Miranda Cooper, Brian Higgins and Tim Powell.
Published by Rondor/Universal Music Publishing, Warner Chappell Music Ltd. and Xenomania Music.
Produced by Brian Higgins / Xenomania.
Additional production by Justin Spier and Matt Jackson.
Programmed by Brian Higgins and Tim Powell.
Guitar: Nick Coler.
Keyboards: Tim Powell and Brian Higgins.
Mixed by Brian Higgins and Tim Powell.

x If You Go, the very rhythmic Xenomania track, is subtler than most of that production house's songs and the vocals are laid right up front in the mix. The song is shimmering, but - as is typical - Sophie's vocals have a bit of bite. xolondon

x (...) "If You Go" sets a cascading melody to a shuffling samba rhythm. Nick Levine

x (...) simply outstanding, with Xenomania fusing her soothing vocals with arcade samba beats. The result is insanely catchy. John Jobling

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